Monday, March 26, 2012

Makalawena Beach - Hats and Kites

Today was the second time that I've ventured the 40 minute walk over hot dusty trails to get to the most beautiful beach in West Hawaii.  Makalawena...

After our grueling trek we arrived at a very picturesque setting but this time there were lots of people on the sand and camping along the trial that leads out to the various beach spots.  When we settled under a tree we noticed one of our beach going neighbors was trying to launch a kite for his daughter.  I almost forgot to mention that we had 2 dogs in tow with us.  One dog, Lani, was a calm and fun loving dog while Holly, the newer pup, was full of vim and vigor....  Holly couldn't keep still so Jamie put the leash back on her to try to keep the peace with our neighbors.  After a few moments it seemed that all was right in the animal kingdom so Jamie let Holly go.  This turned out to be an almost fatal decision for the kite.

Holly attacked the kite 3 times causing it to develop a slight left turn on subsequent flights.  The owners was cool, they said it wasn't damaged too badly, just a small broken part on the left wing.  It was salvageable.  Holly was issued a long time out for her spirited moves.... LOL

The rest of the time was spent climbing trees, playing frisbee, drinking and enjoying the beautiful sunny day - until the clouds and rain sprinkles rolled in.

I almost forgot to mention the main reason why I braved the march to Batan leading to Maks - to photograph Jamie's new hand painted hats.  She's got them on display in the Beaches swimsuit store in the Sunset Plaza Mall. Check 'em out.

Mahalo for a fun day,


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  1. Very Beautiful pictures! Beautiful Blue sky and sea!