Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My First Art Gallery Showing

Aloha, Many of you may know that I've been working with the owner of the Rumley Art & Frame Gallery to host an Photo Art Exhibition. Well it happened on Saturday October 5th and I'm very happy to say that it was a big hit. My first gallery opening was more than I could have hoped for. Not so much in the amount of sales but in the numbers of friends and acquaintances who dropped by the gallery to see my work. From before 2pm until 7pm I was on my toes describing my work and describing how I create the images that I selected for the show. Thanks to all of you who scored one of the Bite Sized Pieces we printed for the show. The Leis and champagne were also a big hit with me. So after weeks and weeks of planning the day reminded me of a big meal that you plan and cook for hours only to see it finished in a matter of minutes. But afterwards you remember how good the time you spent with friends made you feel. My work will remain up until Wednesday but Tess gave me another opportunity. After Wednesday she's going to keep my work up on the moveable walls that were built for the show. She's going to find me a space in the gallery. So that means that I will have a continuing presence in the Rumley Art & Frame Gallery for the time being. Mahalo Tess & Ron and Beth and thank you to all of my friends.

Bad photos of me:

Great Photos of my work: