Sunday, September 30, 2012

Darlene Ahuna Concert


Last night was my 22nd opportunity to photograph legendary Hawaiian artists at the Keauhou Village Shopping Center.  This month the featured artist was Darlene Ahuna.  from Hilo she's a well known singer song writer from the Big Island.  She went through a nice set of her favorites plus the opening Hula Halau of Keiki and Kapuna entertained the crowd until the sun went down.

As an added treat the newly crowded Miss Hawaii Skyler Kamaka helped collect the food donations and giving out the prizes and she finished with a solo Hula near the end of the concert.

I hope you enjoy the images that I was able to capture.

Ka'ea & Skyler

Heidi Lee Hart

Darlene Ahuna

Darlene Ahuna

Miss Hawaii 2012 Skyler Kamaka

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Kona and vicinity Photo Walk

Today was another beautiful day in Kona and the first time that I've been able to put together a local photo walk.  Although there were only 2 of us we still had a great time poking around corners to see where the next subject was going to be.  We started at the Kona Farmer's Market where farmers and artisens from around the area come to sell their fresh produce, flowers and object of art.

I was surprised once I got into photo mode how many venders had the same produce items. Lots of papayas and Devil fruit...

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Timing is Everything!

The old adage says that "timing is everything" and today is a prime example of when to choose sleep over getting the shot. This morning I choose to sleep in a little bit longer than usual over driving down to the pier by 7am. Well by the time I got gas, parked and walked to the pier the excitement of seeing the Elite whine and the other 2 classes of female paddlers was all pau...

So I guess I was "all dressed up with no canoes to shoot so I made the best of a good parking spot at the King Kam Hotel. I'll try again tomorrow or I could pack up and go down for the return of the men but ......


The sunrise over Mount Hualalai was spectacular

If I had been there 20 minutes earlier this is what I would have seen. I took this photo in 2009

Here's a good commercial for Red Digital Cameras

Today's paddlers were replaced by the popular Monk Seal that's been
spotted from Keauhou to Kaloko

Just tryin to get a little peace!!

Can you tell that I was getting bored?