Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just another Tequila Sunset...

Well my new Butcher Block counter tops are installed and I've begun the process of applying smelly Poly U to the surface. After 2 coats and not having a sink it was time for me to leave the house and go for take out for dinner. I decided to pack my camera just in case the sunset was going to be spectacular. As I exited the parking lot of the Pinetree cafe I looked at the sky but just didn't feel it so I headed home fearing no sunset shot after 2 brilliant days of clear air and wonderful golden sunsets. As I made the left on Hina Lani I noticed the sun was heading for a thick patch of dark clouds as it headed for the horizon. The horizon was clear and the sun was sending out the best beams of light I've seen for months. I pulled over and opened the hatch of my SUV, opened my camera bag and sat on the bumper waiting for the right moment. I checked my lenses and realized that I left my long lens at home. That meant that I wasn't going to get a nice close in view of the sunset but I had a few tricks up my sleeve so I wasn't too worried.

Since the sun is now setting pretty close to directly over the Kona airport I was pleased to see a plane take of and pass close to where the sun was going down so I snapped a few shots in preparation for the finial count down. I snapped about 50 shots and loved a bunch of them I just wish I'd listened to myself when I was packing up and had brought my longer lens for those long distant photos.

It's another tequila sunrise, this old world still looks the same, another frame.... (Eagles...)

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