Sunday, August 19, 2012

I finally Made it!!


After living on Hawaii Island for a bit over 8 years I finally made it to the Green Sand Beach. It was not from lack of trying!  The last time I ventured down to South Point me and 2 trusty friends were running out of daylight and patience as we gave up searching after about 25 minutes of trudging over mini hill and dale.  This time Kazuyo and I passed on taking rides from the local entrepreneurs and their rusty ole trucks and 4 wheel drive vehicles to walk for 63 minutes in the breezy hot afternoon sun.  The walk back was only 57 minutes but whose counting. When we got to the spot it was a huge relief and a sight to be hold.  It was a pretty cool place, all weather beaten and smooth with clear blue water lapping at the beach.  There were a few handfuls of people either splashing in the sea or sunning themselves on the shore with a few 4WD trucks and SUVs at the top of the view I set out to capture this magical spot. I hope you enjoy what I made..

This is the Yellow Kalaekilohana B and B on the road to South Point

We were lucky to be about 3 hours ahead of the afternoon rain showers at South Point

There wasn't much to see on the way to the Green Sand Beach, just good views on the ocean.

The sky was so clear when we started our 63 minute walk

I found out how people were getting to the beach, theres a pathway on the
right and under the rocks in this shot.


  1. Where's the rest of the photos? I know you must have taken hundreds! Post them on the Ke Ola magazine page!

  2. Barb, I only took a few. I was grumpy having to walk and lug my gear all the way out there.

    1. Someone was grumpy haveing to walk, but did't give up.
      As a reward for walking so hard, we were given beautiful scenery finally. You didn't take many pictures there, but you have many chances to go there! lol

      PS: Very Beautiful pictures!!! A Special place!