Saturday, September 1, 2012

Timing is Everything!

The old adage says that "timing is everything" and today is a prime example of when to choose sleep over getting the shot. This morning I choose to sleep in a little bit longer than usual over driving down to the pier by 7am. Well by the time I got gas, parked and walked to the pier the excitement of seeing the Elite whine and the other 2 classes of female paddlers was all pau...

So I guess I was "all dressed up with no canoes to shoot so I made the best of a good parking spot at the King Kam Hotel. I'll try again tomorrow or I could pack up and go down for the return of the men but ......


The sunrise over Mount Hualalai was spectacular

If I had been there 20 minutes earlier this is what I would have seen. I took this photo in 2009

Here's a good commercial for Red Digital Cameras

Today's paddlers were replaced by the popular Monk Seal that's been
spotted from Keauhou to Kaloko

Just tryin to get a little peace!!

Can you tell that I was getting bored?

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