Friday, November 30, 2012

Pet Photography


    A few months back a friend asked if I'd be interested in photographing her dogs. I agreed but one thing let to another and we had to postpone our shoot several times until last Saturday. We finally had openings in our schedules so I agreed to shoot her dogs and packed up my SUV and headed over to her house. On the way to her house she phoned to let me know that she was running a little behind schedule and would probably be in the shower by the time I reached her house. She gave me instructions on how to get into the house. I asked her if the dogs would be secured and if they would bark? She assured me that they would probably ignore me and might not even notice that I was there. Buoyed with confidence I rolled up to her house and before I could open the door to my SUV all 3 of her dogs started barking loudly....  I got out and started unpacking my gear hoping that they wouldn't be able to leap over the fencing but since they were wagging their tails I figured they were just bluffing.

    By the time I got to the door my friend had let them into the house and all 3 of them were anxiously waiting for me to come inside. They were still barking, mine you, so I wasn't convinced that I wasn't going to be torn to shreds in the next few minutes. When I got into the house they started licking, sniffing and jumping on me. The owner was surprised that they liked me. I was just happy that I wasn't having to pull any teeth out of my flippers.. LOL!!!

They finally calmed down and resumed their normal lives which included digging in the back yard, barking at the chickens and turkeys and running in and out of the house. They were fascinated by the flash and the cooling fans for my lights. I took some photos with full studio lighting and some in natural light. They were hysterical to work with. Working with pets is not like working with people who at lease can speak the same language. Making funny noises and waving your hands seem to work to get their attention but they were mostly like working with 3 furry children.


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