Sunday, February 9, 2014

Love it when a plan comes together...

Today was the culmination of intense planning and quick thinking. On Saturday February 1st during a conversation with a photographer from the Hilo side of Hawai"i Island we agreed to get together on the Kona side for a day of shooting.

Since I wasn't familiar with what types of photography my friend would want to shoot I asked her a question: Would you like to shoot Places and Spaces or People and Things. She offered both would make good subjects. I started thinking of ways to bring together elements that would make for an interesting day of shooting. I came up with an idea of bring together models for a shoot that would focus on People and Spaces. sort of a hybrid of the original question. Specifically I wanted to shoot tourists on the beach of one of Kona's best known tourist destinations.

The start time was 9am but by the time everyone collected on the beach of the King Kamehameha Hotel the sun was in full bloom creating the kind of light that most photographers run from. Bright clear sunlight. Of course it was way too bright to shoot without the normally bright studio lights that I decided not to bring today. So quick thinking prevailed. We moved over to the shaded grassy area on the Luau grounds where they had already started cooking the nights meal.

With 3 Photographers, 3 models, 1 assistant and one young model to be we started capturing the following images before the real tourists out numbered our intrepid group.


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