Sunday, February 2, 2014

The importance of Composition

I was lucky enough to visit Maui last month to take a refresher class in photographic composition taught by one of the most accomplished photographers on Maui, Aubrey Hord.

There are many articles and tutorials available to the beginner and advanced photographer but in the final analysis composition is very simple. While more and more emphasis is being placed on how many mega pixels and how expensive cameras are now days the key spec that will make you a better photographer is having good photography skills.

There are a few simple rules that can help you do a better job of composing your scenes:

1. Basic Design
2. Compositional Formulas
3. Content
4. Framing your shot

Remembering things like where to place your subject and how to use color, texture, patterns, lines and vanishing points can make you a much better photographer.

It's not necessarily the camera that's going to make you a better photographer, it's knowing what to do with what's in your viewfinder that will make you a better photographer.

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