Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Power Outage 2-18-2014

Tuesday February 18, 2014 Power was knocked out on my street for about 5 hours after gusty winds blew a huge branch off a tree that is right next to a pole that supports the transformer that delivers low-voltage to our neighborhood. Helco (Hawaii Electric Light Company) did a great job responding to my call. I called a bit after 3:15am and the rep indicated they'd received another call a few minutes earlier than mine. I heard the first truck on my street in about 15 minutes after my call. I assume that the first crew was there to assess the damage and to order replacement parts and equipment to render a fix. The second crew arrived about 40 minutes later this time with a truck with a cherry picker, a crane and a new transformer and spicing wires for both the high-voltage and the low-voltage wires that had been damaged when the limb fell on the lines.

After power was restored I got a call that I missed from the rep I spoke with earlier. She wanted to know if power had been restored. She said that if the power had not be restored to call them back. I was very happy with how quickly Helco responded and fixed the download lines and damaged transformer.

Of course I snapped a few photos to document the effort. I sent a few of them to KITV's news department to see if the on-air weather reporter would use them as part of either the 5 O'clock or the 6 O'clock weather report. Moanike'ala Nabarro the weather reporter use 3 of my photos on the 6 O'clock weather report.


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